Whether you are looking to set up a private equity fund or a venture capital fund, or you are looking to make an investment in one, as an accredited investor you know just how much each can benefit you over time. Though you know the benefits, you also know that handling the legal side and ultimately completing the transaction can be challenging, to say the least. Let our corporate and securities lawyers help you.

Here at Bleakley Law LLC, our business and securities lawyers can help you complete equity- and debt-related venture transactions through a variety of investment options. When it comes to venture capital in Chicago, you want the best team behind you for support. Our team has the experience and knowledge you’re looking for to help you negotiate, document, and protect your investment so you have the best chance to succeed. Read here to learn more about private equity and venture capital, and then reach out to our corporate law firm for help making your venture capital transaction proceed as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Private equity is just that — private. Private equity refers to shares representing ownership interests in a business entity that is not publicly listed or traded. Private equity investors invest in established businesses and growth-oriented companies where they can add value. Private equity investment is funded by wealthy individuals (accredited investors) or institutions (institutional investors). Institutional investors, such as pension funds or large private equity firms funded by a group of accredited investors, are common. Private equity can also consist of funds or investors that engage in buyouts of a public company, commonly known as a “going private” or “take private” transaction. Private equity firms generally buy complete ownership in the companies in which they invest.

Private equity is a long-term investment in a business. As the investor, you know how beneficial this can be for a business. So though you may not see a return on investment for some time, you can have a significant influence over the business’s long-term success in order to recognize a return on your investment.

Depending on the company’s private equity fund, there may be minimum investment requirements. Whether you meet or exceed the minimum investment requirement, your private equity investment will be a substantial amount of money that will likely be tied up in the business for an extended time period.

Once you invest private equity capital in a business, there are many ways the business can utilize it. Most popularly, it is used to make acquisitions, fund new technology, improve a balance sheet, or expand working capital.

Venture capital differs from private equity in that it mostly invests in early-stage companies with high-growth potential, and does not ultimately buy out the company. Venture capital is much more focused on companies in the beginning stages of their business, while private equity generally funds more established, larger companies that need more equity or want to transfer ownership.

The sources of the investment are generally the same, though: investment banks, financial institutions, and high net worth investors (HNWI). Venture capital also often includes managerial or technical expertise.  

Venture capital is a much more high-risk investment, but the return on investment can be above average. Just as in private equity, venture capitalists get equity in the company and will have a significant say in company decisions. However, only a few investors are typically involved. Venture capitalists will often obtain a large share of the company.

A business lawyer can help you negotiate the transaction to your satisfaction and complete the deal in a timely manner. Here at Bleakley Law LLC, our team of business lawyers represents private equity funds and venture capital funds, along with growth-oriented businesses and portfolio companies. We also represent Angel investors investing in startups. We can help you make sure you get the deal you want, while also verifying the legality and solidifying every last detail.

We will be acquisition counsel, help you determine and negotiate strategic partnerships, and even assist in incentive compensation programs and management structures.  When your private equity fund or venture capital firm in Chicago works with us, you will also benefit from our counsel for exit strategies for private sales.

Here at Bleakley Law LLC, we represent and have represented a large range of companies, funds, and investors with private offerings and acquisitions of debt and equity securities. We have experience with private placements, venture capital, private equity, and mezzanine finance, and we can counsel investors regarding negotiation and disclosure requirements. Whether you represent a venture capital fund, a private equity investor, an issuer company, a financial intermediary, or a private investor, we can help.

We have experience with the following venture transactions:

  • Angel Investments
  • Seed Rounds
  • Corporate Venture Investments
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Series A and Follow-On Rounds
  • Mezzanine Financings
  • Bridge Loans
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Warrants

Not sure if our venture capital law firm can be of assistance? Ask us! Our venture capital lawyers may be able to assist your private equity investment or venture capital fund in just the way you need. Whether you are an emerging growth company, angel, venture capital investor, or entrepreneur, our venture capital lawyers will help you achieve a smooth, desirable transaction that meets your expectations.

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