You could think of a few well-known brands and most likely conjure up the image of their logos in your mind or hear their slogans in your head. Brand recognition is a powerful thing, and when you are a business owner with a trademark, copyright, or trade secret infringement, you can feel as though your business is being taken advantage of. This is where an intellectual property lawyer can help.

As a result of your creativity, you may have come up with a design, manuscript, or even a new business idea. You protected it with a patent, copyright, trademark, or another form of protection. Because you took these steps, your intellectual property is just that — your property. Your intellectual property rights protect you and your entities. If someone steals any of your intellectual property, you can pursue justice with a trademark lawyer, copyright attorney, or another intellectual property lawyer on your side. Here at Bleakley Law LLC in Chicago, we invest in business owners. Our clients come for various business sizes, models, and backgrounds, and we strive to help them all with intellectual property law when the situation arises. Read here to find out what intellectual property law encompasses, how you can protect yourself, and how Bleakley Law LLC can help. Contact us for help with intellectual property law in Chicago today.

What Intellectual Property Law Entails

Intellectual property can be a broad subject for business owners, so we have divided it into three main areas of focus: copyright, trademark, and trade secrets.


You don’t want anyone to steal property from your home, and you likewise don’t want anyone to steal intellectual property from your business. The copyright attorneys and intellectual property attorneys that work with our law firm in Chicago understand this. By developing and executing successful copyright protection and enforcement strategies for our clients, we can help them protect against unauthorized use of their creativity. If it’s an original work of your authorship, then we can help with copyright protection.

At Bleakley Law LLC, we can help with the following areas of copyright law:

  • Due diligence
  • Enforcement
    • Litigation
    • Crafting, sending, and responding to cease-and-desist letters
  • Licensing
    • Including software licensing
  • Negotiating
    • Contributor agreements
    • Distribution agreements
    • Ghost-writing agreements
    • Publishing agreements
    • Software-code agreements
    • Work-for-hire agreements
  • Registration
    • Strategic counseling
    • Copyright eligibility
    • Fair use
    • Freedom-to-use analyses
    • Infringement avoidance
    • Ownership of content
    • Works potentially in the public domain

We are passionate about copyright law and protecting our clients from copyright infringement. Here in Chicago, the intellectual property lawyers that work with us are well-versed in copyright law and how it impacts our clients’ business and marketing goals and accomplishments. Reach out to Bleakley Law LLC today for help with future copyright protection or any copyright infringement cases you may be facing.


You know the importance of your brand name and brand recognition, and you want to protect your brand assets. Here at Bleakley Law LLC, our trademark lawyers can help you protect your brand, along with providing brand counseling and licensing. After all, your brand represents you, your business, and your future. With the intellectual property lawyers that work with us Chicago, we can help you invest in that future.

Our intellectual property law firm can help with the following aspects of trademark law:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Litigating infringement claims
  • Establishing proper trademark use
  • Negotiating licensing opportunities

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You have done a lot for your business, but you need to trust professionals in intellectual property law when it comes to trademark infringement. This will help you successfully protect your brand and keep competitors from illegally using your trademarks to gain an unfair advantage over you.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets encompass a range of intellectual property: business intelligence, operational data, and client lists, for example. In the hands of the wrong person, all of this information can quickly and easily leave your business if you don’t have the proper intellectual property law protections in place.

If you do not already have intellectual property law policies in place for trade secrets, then we can help you create them. If you do have policies in place already, then we can help you make them stronger and more enforceable for your future success. When problems arise with trade secret infringement, we can help you legally and logically evaluate the claim and make timely recommendations for your most successful outcome.

When we help you develop and implement trade secret and data management policies, you can ensure that your employees have a solid understanding of proper access, scope, and use of your business intelligence — your intellectual property. Our intellectual property firm is experienced with the use of Restrictive Covenants in employment contracts.

How An Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Help

Through protecting from copyright infringement, securing and enforcing trademark rights, and ensuring trade secrets remain within your business, an intellectual property lawyer will develop and protect your brand so you have a strong, recognizable entity you can be proud of. The intellectual property attorneys who work with us will work hard to find you solutions in a cost-effective way. From negotiating licenses to crafting trade secret policies to providing defense against claims of infringement, Bleakley Law LLC protects your intellectual property.

Your business is yours, and we’d like to keep it that way. Reach out to our intellectual property law firm for help with any of the following aspects of intellectual property law:

  • Copyright protection
  • Trademark protection
  • Trade dress protection
  • Trade secret protection
  • Correcting copyright and trademark infringement
  • Creating license agreements and assignments
  • Sending cease and desist letters
  • Drafting coexistence agreements
  • Handling intellectual property due diligence
  • Implementing brand management and enforcement programs
  • Registering, maintaining, and protecting trademarks and domain names

About Bleakley Law LLC

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Here in Chicago, the intellectual property lawyers who work with us can help you protect your business for years to come through developing and implementing strategies for success. Bleakley Law LLC covers many important areas for businesses. Contact our Chicago law firm today for help with corporate and transactional law; mergers and acquisitions; wills, trusts, and estates; private equity and venture capital; or securities law.

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