Trusting a lawyer with something as important as securities law means finding the lawyer who is right for your business and goals. There are many different traits to consider, of course, but in today’s blog, we have narrowed it down to five traits to be on the lookout for: dependability, experience, qualifications, reputation, and availability.

If you meet these five expectations in your search for a securities lawyer in Chicago, then you will set yourself and your business up with the best opportunity for success. Keep reading to learn more, and contact Bleakley Law LLC to get started.

First, let’s cover what a securities lawyer does. Corporate finance and securities involve raising capital for your business so you can succeed and grow well into the future. You know how to run your business — but raising capital may be new, confusing territory to you. The possibilities seem endless, which can make it all the more stressful when you first start out. To help assuage these concerns and ensure you are set up for success, you can count on a securities lawyer. Here is how to choose one:


Your securities lawyer should be reliable and hardworking.

When you first meet with a securities lawyer or corporate attorney, notice if the attorney is prompt in meeting with you and responsive to your concerns. Ask the attorney questions about previous cases to get a feel for dependability. You can also check online reviews of corporate law firms in Chicago to get an understanding of this.

Business law is a serious matter with far-reaching implications. From the very beginning, you want to ensure your securities lawyer will be reliable and trustworthy.


Your securities lawyer should have experience as a lawyer and with cases similar to yours.

There are two main ways, in our opinion, that your securities lawyer in Chicago should be experienced:

  • As a securities lawyer – How many years has the securities lawyer been in practice? You want to be sure that the attorney and corporate law firm have the experience it takes to help you succeed.
  • With situations like yours – However, it is not just experience within the business and corporate law world that you should take into consideration. You will also want to check that the securities lawyer has experience with situations that are similar to yours. An attorney, obviously, can’t disclose all the details from former clients — but the attorney can give you an idea and help you feel comfortable about experience with your type of situation.


Your securities lawyer should be qualified to handle your case.

When looking for a securities lawyer, there is a simple way to find out if they are qualified: do your research and ask.

In your initial consultation, ask about education, professional leadership, awards, or other recognitions the lawyer has received within the field of business and corporate law. All of these can be large determining factors to show you if someone is qualified to handle something as crucial as legal matters and business law for your company.


Your securities lawyer should have a reputation for excellence.

There are two different ways to find out about the reputation of a corporate attorney in Chicago: word-of-mouth and online research. Ask for references from current or former clients or co-counsel and follow up. Research the securities attorney and corporate law firm online. Consider online reviews of business law firms, biographical information about the attorney, and honors and recognitions from professional associations. These steps should help you get a well-rounded view of the lawyer’s dependability and success throughout Chicago.

While it is important to meet with potential securities lawyers in person and get to know them yourself, reading about their reputation online or hearing about it from satisfied clients and other counsel can show what a securities lawyer is really like and should be a large part of your decision-making process.


Your securities lawyer should have availability that works for your busy schedule.

And, last but not least, availability. You shouldn’t expect to maintain 24/7 contact with your securities lawyer by any means, but availability is important nonetheless. From the very beginning establish with them how often you would like to be in contact and, in a straightforward way, ask if they have the time and energy to devote to your situation.

There will be times you need to meet in person — are their office location and hours conducive to your schedule? Make sure to check this before committing. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is wise to go into the agreement with this understanding.

When you meet with the securities lawyer for an initial consultation, you should also keep an eye out: Are they attentive to your concerns? Do you have their full attention? You want to work with a lawyer that will give your legal matter the attention you deserve.

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